Dream Job

Upon accepting my offer to study a bachelor of Public Health and Media and Communications at QUT in 2011, I had dreams of traveling the world, working for a glorified magazine, writing about important public health issues I would come across. It wasn’t until my second year of study, in Julie-Anne Carroll’s “Health, Culture and Society”, that my dream job changed. I didn’t want to just report on issues from a distance, I wanted to actually be involved in tackling, improving and solving them. I wanted to be apart of helping to change people’s lives.

My dream job is now to be the manager of a large scale health promotion campaign – hopefully one that will impact and change the lives of many for the better. At one stage I was quite passionate about adolescent health, specifically body image, however, over time i have developed an interest for many more issues, both national and international.

Many skills are required of a public health worker and communicator. I have come to learn that I am particularly good at communicating with people both verbally and in writing. I also have a knack of being able to effectively apply theories to analyses, understand and evaluate historic and current health events and issues. This then flows on to the production of justified recommendations on how to take action on certain issues. However, I also have my weaknesses.

It is crucial that I work on my adaptability to new technology and communication devices and techniques. At times I find the speed at which technology is evolving over whelming, however that is something that I will need to adjust if I am going to be successful at reaching future target audiences. Sometimes I also forget to think outside the box and get creative. In a world were new ideas are increasingly scarce, creativity is essential. However, it is not just my weakness that have the potential to throw some forks in my path to my dream job.

A valuable lesson that I have learnt over the last year is that nothing is permanent – especially the government in power. Commencing this degree their were copious public health positions up for grabs. The degree advertised that the skills we would come to possess were in hot demand. However, job cuts that resulted from the change in government, are painting a tough and competitive future for my field of expertise. However, I am willing to, and excited to venture out of my comfort zone and look for jobs overseas, or in different fields that will act as steppingstones to get me to where I want to be.