FIrst Impressions are Everything

According to the EyeTrack07 study conducted by the Poynter Institute (Quinn & Adam, 2008), navigation is the first stop for online readers. Thus readers first experience with the navigation of blogs is important. To make navigation as easy and quick as possible, I have created simple, and too the point categories for my blog entries to exist under. The fact that these navigation points are at both the top and right hand side of my page is significant as research shows that navigation placed at the top of the home screen is most likely to be seen and right-column navigation performed better than left-column navigation (Outing, 2004). However, i needed something to attract people to my blog and thus these navigation points first.

By placing a visually appealing photograph at the top of my blog , I hope to stop people on their virtual quest and intrigue them  to continue on to the points of navigation. Outing (2004) found that the bigger the picture the better in holding peoples attention. I have chosen to show an elderly woman using a water pump for several reasons. The photograph is likely one that has been staged, however it represents real life situations which is also a positive predictor of attention (Quinn & Adam, 2004). However, this photograph isn’t simply aesthetically pleasing – it is also loaded with meaning.

It demonstrates how public health works to enhance peoples lives, by providing the most basic needs of life to a population (access to clean, safe water). Access to clean and safe water, is a major predictor of health and contributes significantly to the success and downfalls of nearly all 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s). These developmental goals have significantly motivated and influenced initiatives in public health, and this picture depicts the success that such initiatives can achieve. This picture represent current public health initiatives and successes, but it is also a reminder of Epidemiologist John Snow’s study of cholera, which was a major event in the history of public health, significantly defining the direction of the field.

Epidemiologist John Snow discovered that a water pump was the source of
Cholera outbreak in 1854.

Those are the considerations that defined the choices I made for my blog so far. However, like the person I am, my blog will be a direct reflection of my life. New experiences, acquired skills and the changes surrounding me, will ultimately determine how and when i tweek and update Project Carley. It will be a work in process, one that I will always be striving to perfect.


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