Explaining my ‘About Me’

According to the Phorcast (2013), a public health online resource for careers skills and training, there are four core areas in public health that anyone wishing to work in this area must satisfy. One of these is ‘Leadership and Collaborative working’. Thus, my About Me section focuses on this core component of public health, by analysing how different people and experiences throughout my life have helped shape my ability to work well in groups. I consider my ability to work effectively in groups as a strength and that is why my about section focuses on this specific core competency. Furthermore, by analysing how I have come to possess this skill, I am showing my ability to assess, analyse and evaluate which are crucial skills needed when involved with health promotion programmes and research (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2005).

Furthermore, by giving future employers an insight into my background and how I came to be where I am today, they can see that I am able to effectively adapt to new situations and am eager to and willing to take on new roles or challenges that are thrown my way. I also wanted to show that I have been engrained with a strong and focused work ethic and am self-motivated to succeed. I wanted to make it clear that I do work well in groups, but also work extremely if left to my own devices. Such qualities would make me are more employable, and I wanted to give some background as how I came to possess these qualities, as a form of evidence.

The photo I have chosen is a representation of how I am, and again acts as evidence of my strength of working as a team. It also shows me working to help others, and depicts my love of sport and socialising, three things that I am passionate about.

Phorcast. 2013. http://www.phorcast.org.uk/page.php?page_id=44

US Department of Health and Human Services. (2005).Theory at a Glance: A guide for health promotion practise. [EBL version]. Retrieved from http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/cancerlibrary/theory.pdf


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