My Banner!


This is the final product of my banner. It went through many stages of change, as I always tinkered with it feeling like I could make it better. In the end I decided that this was the best version.

I shaded one third of the banner to match the turquoise objects in the picture with the lady. I felt shading linked the two sides of the banner together nicely. The colours are vibrant which represents me and my approach to life and all its aspects. ‘Carley’ is written in orange rather than black so it stands out and re-emphasises the fact that I am the brand! The font of the writing looks as though it has been written by hand. This gives an overall humanistic, down to earth and organic vibe to the blog. It also makes it seem more personal as it looks as though I have written it myself, creating the that what I am saying is genuine and truth.

Although I love my banner, I didn’t feature my banner in my blog as it didn’t look good with the pink menu and writing. As I discussed in my¬†Fonts and Colours post, the light pink does say alot about who I am, however if I could change this colour I would as it would not only look better, but more accurately represent me as a person.