About Me

I am a public health and media and communications student with a passion for sports, socializing and helping others. Currently I have a dream of helping to make a difference in the world, however, as my life adapts to the changing social and cultural context of the time, so to could my dream. This page is a little bit about me, and the different events and experiences throughout my life have all helped to shape me into the person I am today.

As the eldest of 5 kids,working effectively in a group has been instilled in me from a young age.

The Spicer Bunch: Growing up with my brother and sisters has allowed me to develop many useful skills; patience, compromise, team work, speaking loudly to be heard!

This strength has landed me many leadership opportunities throughout my schooling and within the community, which further developed my ability. However, this ability was largely due to my passive nature.  When placed in group situations, I would just go with the flow and adapt to other peoples ideas without hesitation rather than contributing my own. This approach changed when I became a student at QUT, realised that my approach was flawed, and thus learnt how to be an affective and assertive group member. I now have no hesitation at speaking up and contributing my ideas.  Of course with this new found confidence comes the confrontation of other peoples conflicting ideas; however, this has only taught me how to  utilize this confrontation to the groups advantage, often resulting in a bigger and better ideas and a stronger team bond.

I get more enjoyment out of working hard for something and earning results, rather than just receiving success on a silver plater. This work ethic and drive for self achievement is a quality my parents and English teacher instilled in me. Though they would offer their help when I really needed it, they would only support and encourage me to believe in and pursue my ideas – they would never do the hard yards for me. Although I didn’t appreciate this at the time, I can’t deny that this has shaped my work ethic today. Moving down to Brisbane when I was 17 only improved this work ethic, as it meant that I really had to motivate my self to get work done and create opportunities for myself. Not only have I improved my work ethic, but I have grown so much as a person and developed many new skills with the experiences that Brisbane has provided me with. I have gained experience in how to deal with a diverse range of people from my position as a receptionist at Goodlife Health Clubs, gained independence and a strong sense of responsibility (experiencing both its benefits and downfalls!), I have learnt to be organised and most importantly that success and opportunities comes to those who work hard for it and chase it.

I understand that I still have much to learn and many skills that could be further developed. Life will throw many more experiences and hiccups my way and I plan on squeezing each one for all its worth!


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