Different objects, activities, events and products inspire me everyday. They can lead to new pursuits or new dreams. This page will consist of all those things that inspire me.


One person who has been particularly inspiring to me is Jenna Madden.

I met Jenna in my first year of uni. She was 25 and I was 17 but the age gap didn’t stop us from becoming great friends. Last year Jenna went after what she wanted and organized work experience over in the Islands of Fiji.

Her tutor Ignacio connected her with VESA (Volunteer Eco Student Abroad) whose sole aim  “is to provide people with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves within a country through our program of community based volunteer work and adventure activities.” From this experience, Jenna gained not only gained experience and perspective, but the offer to go back to Fiji in 6 months to work in a paid research for a year. Her passion, enthusiasm in everything she does, is undoubtedly what landed her the job over the 30 other people that volunteered for the experience. It is my goal to go after my dreams with such passion and enthusiasm.

Facilities Management

For as long as I have known Jenna she has wanted to help make a difference in underprivileged communities and countries. To see her go after her dreams and get what she wanted, inspires and motivates me to do the same. It has also made me think about volunteering for a similar organisation during my summer holidays.


Matty Grant’s experience in South Africa is another story that inspires me. I met Matty in my first year of uni games, one drunken night at the bakery. Funnily enough we got into a in depth discussion about my dream job, of wanting to help change the world. His dream job was to become a paramedic and help save peoples lives everyday. This drive had come from his experience working with children in South Africa.

It was coming to the end of his school years, and Matty still had no idea what he wanted to do after he left school. So he volunteered to go over to South Africa. The first part of the trip was a trip from Johannesburg to Kroonstad, where he paired up with a child between grade 8-10 from Kroonstad state school, Basically they were there big brother/sister for a week and they traveled around to their home villages and towns and learn about their culture and society and taught them a bit about Aussie culture as well.

Then the second part he traveled to cape town and did what is known as an “Eddie Rice Camp” where he was paired with a younger child between 5-10 who came from an underprivileged area of SA. For that time we did everything together, like have lunch, playing games, teaching them English, working in local orphanages and towns. And then at the end of that stint we went to Robben Island together.

Coming home he had a much larger appreciation of materials etc, along the lines of having possessions and what people value, and from that he has become a very un-materialistic person and more about the experience.

               “It reaffirmed that i wanted to study a degree that would allow me to help people every day.”

(Matty Grant, 2013)

Matty is now in the process of studying to become a paramedic.


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